We offer an unparalleled quality service, which is tailored to the needs of our clients. Our component options (special paints, stainless steel, fiberglass) can be custom-made, all of which at a competitive price. Our technical support is experienced and knowledgeable. Delivery is fast.


We specialize in mining products. Therefore, we offer a complete range of products, which meets the needs of our clientele in the mining sector.


We offer strong, extremely technical products with top-of-the-range quality. They are innovative and certified for your sector of activity (e.g., transportation). Our prices are competitive. Our technical support is experienced and knowledgeable. Delivery is fast.

Quality Replacement Parts – Custom Made

With over 20 years experience and a full team of talented engineers and craftspeople, you can trust the quality of VDDO wheels for custom-made fans, wheels, impellers, blades and propellers, as well as replacement accessories for all types of industrial fans & blowers. VDDO wheels has repaired systems used for a multitude of applications:

  • Industrial and commercial HVAC
  • Industrial process air moving
  • Ovens and dryers air circulation
  • Dust collection, fume extraction and air scrubbing
  • Pneumatic conveying Incinerators, flue gas exhaust
  • Combustion, industrial oxidizing
* 24-hour service with conditions: Montreal area, and when confirmed by the representative.


We offer a fast and efficient delivery service in the Greater Montreal area. We also deliver to construction sites.

Ventilation specialists

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